Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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self-rescue maneuver

blast music to protect bare soul
and walk vertignous line between
"se soulager" and "fear of falling"
with love.

This is a rescue maneuver on the Salev, the mountain at the base of Annemasse.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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I am stillllll writing a paper that was due at the latest May 30th.
I have a habbit of interrupting sleep to see if I can work in the wee hours that makes me a little that I star doing things like.. thinking "control save"
or more recently, engrosed in trying to write a bridge between pieces I caught myself in a " Control save" "control Poop" thought cycle.
for real.
this is my life for now
control out

Friday, May 05, 2006

Send me back no.1

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sagres, portuga

pee'd here.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One more ...before I go... to the valley below...

One more ant. that makes three. three means ttheres probalby a nest hatchign under my bed. gros. hairy grey bum. See. gross. trapped it under a red tinted plastic cup so that I dont have to worry abou it. it looked cute cleaning its little antenae. I am hovering between keeping it as a pet and not telling my roommates and laying poison in every corner, packing up my things into air tight bags for a month and then comming back to see the damage.

still not into the end of paper number one. problem: according to my schedule, I am now 2 days behind.

whine on:
and that was with the wide margin. WHY why why WHY is this so difficult.
I have possibly eaten so much unsweatened chocolate that I am chocolated out.
it's possible.

whine signing off.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

I lay back for a single instant of rest

...and an ant crawled across my face. a tiny whisper of spring and what is yet to come? I tried to save it --yelling all the way outside,i admit, but despite waving a sheet of paper outside, having created a mobius-strip ant carrier, it still fell on my bedroom floor when I came back. it died there too (me screaming, finally releasing essay tension and ant fear simultaneously) . and was promptly erased from other ant-sensors with borrowed tea-tree oil. I did laundry that was on the floor, removed all the undrunk teacups and sat back down to work. Imagine, I stopped to lay in the sunshine that was streaming through my window, a moment to rest my back, only to now fear resting ever again. I will never rest again. Until I can clean my room. I may actually, then, never rest again. (sound familiar at all in its hallucinatory proportions?). Ill have to change my sheets before sleeping here tonight though.
you were right, I couldn't have survived the cockroaches. nuf said.
back to work.
back to work
back to work...
the sun is down.

Friday, April 28, 2006

early morning on Six Nations re-claimed land

a little late inmany ways: WIth so much f****d up in le monde, I finally carved out some time from my academically short-sighted life to spend the night 11pmsat-12pm sun. support, two days after the police attempt to remove people from the Six Nations blockade in Caledonia. Got up there after 53 or so days of the Six Nations blocade of land marked for housingdevelopmnent on contested(gvmt-stolen) land.

I dont have the coherence to write more, becuase i am still lost under the pile of papers, afore-pictured, how ever this land claim action is much more important. The town of Caledonia is airing out some of its biggots too. kind of scary-- the media and school system fostered ignorance and the community vs community-- the arguements reminiscent of poor-working/working/middle class/pitting being pit against indigenous protestors is a reminder of how far we have not come.

for more check out Autonomy&Solidarity:

Monday, April 03, 2006

fight in/this darknesss.

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new moon...spring equinox...

breathless wonder looks like panick looks depressed depressions collect water water is necessary for life.

lost in space.